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5 Reasons to Embed Video into Your Job Posting on Indeed

Various factors, including candidates finding jobs with a sense of purpose and the vast number of openings, have made recruiting and retaining talent incredibly difficult. With 47 million working professionals in America resigning in 2021 alone, it’s crucial for you to stand out from the competition and hire the best talent. 

Job postings with videos get 34% more applicants than those without. If your posting doesn’t have a video to complement it, talented candidates will be less likely to apply. Apart from this, an engaging job posting video can help you convey crucial information about the job and your organization in an effective manner.

This article will help you understand the five key benefits of embedding videos into your job postings on Indeed.


Why embed videos into your job postings on Indeed?


1. Increase reach and visibility

Humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This implies that your one minute video is likely to have a far greater impact on your potential candidates than if they were to read a job description for a minute. 


2. Show your company culture and brand values

A video lets you use audio-visual elements to capture the user’s attention and provide information about your company in an impactful way. Instead of telling potential candidates about the benefits of working for your company, you can show it to them. After all, seeing pictures and videos about a fun off-site will be more convincing than reading about it.


3. Improve engagement and build a rapport

Video content in job postings can boost your recruitment process because of its engaging and easy-to-digest nature. Additionally, by embedding a video, you can humanize the hiring process and use storytelling elements to develop trust between you and your candidates. Remember to keep the videos concise and actionable and include a clear CTA to encourage individuals to apply. 


4. Effectively communicate with your candidates

73% of people prefer a short video over other content formats. As a recruiter, you can leverage video content as a talent acquisition strategy to convey the job roles and responsibilities through a catchy short-form video.


5. Save time and money 

As job postings with videos attract more applicants, you won’t have to spend time and money promoting your open positions across different platforms. As a result, you’ll be able to get more candidates in a shorter period, improving the recruitment process.


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