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Why a Recruitment Video Makes a Difference

There are reasons why you go beyond resumes and cover letters to arrange a face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) interview with a potential hire. If nothing else: You want to evaluate their preferences, attitude, and non-verbal cues. Touchpoints that a resume cannot depict accurately.  

So it's only logical that prospective candidates would appreciate such a personal and emotional experience in the job listing, too. And that's where recruitment videos shine. 

A recruitment video shows your organization's human side. It gives an insider into the people behind the brand. A day in the life of an employee, and more. In so doing: it provides potential candidates with an image of what it's like working at the company.

That may explain why video-job postings get a 34% higher application rate and 12% more views than their non-video counterparts. 

Recruitment videos are also unlikely to be misinterpreted compared to their text counterparts. You have a chance to clarify the message and non-verbal cues to drive it home. They can also be relatively simple to make, repurpose, and share; with the right tools.

Bottom-line, a well-crafted recruitment video can make a difference. But what makes a good recruitment video? 


What Makes a Good Recruitment Video?

Video recruitment doesn't have to be intimidating, even for a newbie. You need to nail a few elements to make your video worthwhile, effective, and a positive brand ambassador. Such elements include: 

A day in the life of employees 

As mentioned, the video should give potential employees a glimpse of what it's like working at the company. That can mean:

  • Showcasing the workspace, where employees spend the most time
  • Showcasing work or meetings in action 
  • Showcasing where employees have lunch, take breaks, etc. 

Ultimately, show prospective candidates what to anticipate when they join your team.

An introduction to what your business does 

Beyond highlighting the working environment: point out your actual business.

What does the company do?

Don't assume that the candidates will research your company to discover what you do – although the good ones will. Instead, highlight what the business does, including your differentiators or value propositions. Or better yet, show them in action. 

The idea here is to help prospective candidates understand what's unique about you. And why they are better off working for you than your competitors. 

Company values 

Your recruitment video should also communicate the company values that employees should adhere to.

You can have an employee or a team articulate the said values. Or imply them throughout the video. Either way, make sure they are evident enough to provide prospects with an understanding of your workplace beliefs and ethics. 

Employee-centric job description 

Beyond the working atmosphere, the video should demonstrate the team and working dynamics. The goal here is to provide an idea of who viewers will be working with (if hired). 

Ensure prospects can imagine great moments with their future colleagues. After all, workplace friendships significantly impact employee retention rates. And have a sense of a social environment where they can thrive. 

Employee testimonials and reviews 

Captivating recruitment videos should share employee testimonials, too. Because, well: social proof. 

For inspiration, look at this video-based job description by Google. See how they feature employee testimonials detailing why they chose Google and how much they love it? 

With the elements of a good recruitment video at hand, let's look at how to make one. 


How to Make a Recruitment Video?

To make a good recruitment video: 

Jot down what you want to feature in the recruitment video 

That may include essential information, answers to FAQs, etc. 

Here's a checklist for what to feature in the video: 

  • Business values
  • Employee testimonials
  • Work dynamic 
  • Work environment and atmosphere 
  • Business differentiators and value propositions
  • Company culture 

As noted, you'll need to have a clear understanding of the company, the role, and the ideal candidate. For example, you need to understand the prospect's intrinsic motivators to gauge the words that inspire action. As an example: Dynamic people will be looking for an exciting, fast-paced environment; so, communicate that. 

Consider an employee-led social environment by working with existing employees to appeal to potential candidates. That may mean interviewing each employee and requesting them to be candid about why they chose to work at the company and what they love about it. 

Write a video script before shooting. 

A script is a clear roadmap of dialogue and actions. A chance to brainstorm, plot, and finalize your job description idea. 

Remember to script the video as you talk for that one-on-one appeal. 

When done, read the script (word for word) and remove buzzwords. 

If a sentence does not add value: remove it. If it isn't clear: reword it. If general, make it specific. And so on. 

Include subtitles 

Video recruitment is all about making it easy for prospective candidates. And adding subtitles is a step in that direction.

Subtitles make it easy to watch the video without headphones and from any location. They also increase viewership and minimize the language barrier, especially where the speaker has a heavy accent. 

Ensure the video has a good sound quality 

You have invested in video quality, do the same with audio. After all, viewers can't retain the message if the video has poor sound quality.

When including music, ensure it reinforces your message while reflecting your company personality. Also, ensure the volume of the background music is not distracting, especially when someone is speaking.

Be authentic by showcasing the good and the bad. 

Being genuine, truthful, and transparent attract the right talents. So be that. 

Don't just focus on the good. Highlight the bad and the ugly as well. Tell a tale of one of your struggling periods and how you overcame the struggle. While at it, include more voices beyond the CEO. You want the prospective candidate to hear such experiences from multiple points of view.

Keep it short and engaging. 

According to Skill Scout, candidates spend an average of 1 minute 36 seconds watching recruitment videos. As such, strive to keep yours under five minutes. 

That means no beating around the bush. Rather: get to the point with a punch. Or something that will catch the viewer's attention. It could be an arresting image, engaging question, or an unexpected fact or metaphor. 

Then use storytelling to detail the job description: in a way that keeps the viewers on their toes. 

Your story can take an emotional angle, prestige, or humor. That all depends on your company values and the target candidate. Whatever angle you choose, though, stick to it. Don't muddle your waters. 

Add a call to action.

The viewer should have a clear understanding of what to do next. If you want them to send their resume, tell them that, including how to go about sending it.  

Keep the call to action short (about 3-5 words). 

To that end, let's look at some examples of great recruitment videos for your inspiration. 


Examples of Great Recruitment Videos

Creating an engaging and inspiring recruitment video is essential. Unfortunately, it's also the most difficult element. Hence the need for inspiration from some of the best recruitment videos we have seen and loved. 

Starbucks Recruitment Video

This famous coffee shop is worth slightly over $30B

With such billions, you'd presume that their recruitment video would boast multiple bells and whistles, with a clear sense of pride and prestige. But not at all. 

From the get-go, we get a sense of warmth. The video is narrated by an employee instead of company leadership and has an emotional appeal. 

She states: "I love my team because they're the best part of my day."

Immediately, the audience understands that Starbucks is teamwork-oriented. There's also a family feel, as reinforced when she says: "They help each other. They lift each other. They support one another. And they have fun while they're doing it."

It's hard to capture such a casual, relaxed, family-built tone in a text-based job description. 

The video also feels authentic. No fancy transitions. It does not feel scripted at all. It's likely shot with a single camera during one of those informal talks. 

The music reinforces the message of partnership, positivity, and trust. 

The starting team outlines the brand values and the benefits of working here – all in a way that makes one what it's like to be a part of the team. 

Starbucks takes it a step further and even brings their job openings to life with video job postings. The branded video provides an engaging and compelling way to showcase the available position. 

If you’re interested in creating your own job posting (no filming required), request your free video today. 


Shopify Recruitment Video

Shopify takes an informative angle in their recruitment video to appeal to potential employees.

It uses honest interviews with employees stating why they love working at Shopify. It's a great way to show off the company culture and values. We get to see the people who work at Shopify and what they're like.  You clearly understand what working at this company would be like.

It also demonstrates Shopify's culture in a fun way to attract talent with similar working attitudes. 

Stay Competitive with a Solid Recruitment Video 

A recruitment video can attract, engage, and motivate the right talent to take action. But that's if it's well-crafted. That means including essential information, such as your business values, differentiators, and employee testimonials. Making it short and punchy. Including a clear call to action. Etc. If you’re feeling lost, look into brands that are nailing their video recruitment. 

And when it comes down to creating your recruitment videos, head to Lumina. This intuitive platform bridges the gap between Human resources and marketing by helping you communicate effectively, build relationships with potential employees faster, and reinforce the company's employer brand with personalized video job postings. All while being lightning fast and HR-oriented,  Try it yourself here.