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Why Employer Branding is Mission-Critical for Healthcare Companies

The healthcare talent market has always been competitive, but attracting candidates has become even more challenging in today's world. In order to attract talent, employers need to differentiate themselves from competitors and demonstrate to jobseekers that they have more to offer than just a paycheck. 

Healthcare is a high-pressure sector that faces many challenges. COVID19 and the Delta variant have exacerbated existing problems and introduced new ones. 

Many frontline employees, including nurses and physicians, feel undervalueddeprioritized, and burnt out. As a result, they’re leaving the workforce or changing their career. This creates a new level of difficulties for healthcare facilities as they strive to both incentivize existing workers to stay, and struggle to attract new ones in an increasingly competitive market.

In order to remain competitive and fill these open roles, efficient strategies that convey the right message to qualified job seekers are required. A 2017 Manpower Group research found that 15% of healthcare candidates prioritize employer’s brand and reputation in their job search, a number which is likely to become even more significant in the post-pandemic era. 

The research also shows that 59% of candidates use a company’s website to research opportunities, while 56%  rely on search engines. This indicates that candidates  are paying attention to how medical facilities present themselves both on their websites as well as their social media. 

Given these data points, healthcare institutions need to be differentiating themselves and attracting candidates by focusing on employer branding. 

Reasons Employer Branding is Mission-Critical for Healthcare Companies

1. A Strong EVP Reveals the Why

A strong employer value proposition (EVP) lies at the center of employer branding and communicates to healthcare job seekers the reasons why your facility is the best choice for their employment. EVP provides a subtle employer backstory, and explains what makes an institution different from its competitors. 

Job seekers want to know what to expect from their employer, not just in terms of responsibilities and benefits, but also in terms of professional growth and development opportunities. Stellar career path opportunities might be the core value of an institution, and should be emphasized as a differentiating factor

Healthcare candidates are interested in whether a facility can nurture their progress, but they also want to know whether the employer cares about their needs and well-being as a person. As future frontline workers, these job seekers want to feel respected, valued and appreciated. 

Many will prioritize facilities that center their EVP around their inclusive and equal care of all employees, regardless of their job roles and title. It’s critical to highlight specific initiatives, benefits, and protocols that ensure employee safety and integrity protection.

2. Active Employer Branding Increases Candidate Engagement

Company websites, career sites, and social media are among the visual and informative carriers of employer branding. Healthcare job seekers use these platforms to source information about their potential employer, identify their mission, and reach out for questions. 

If they encounter outdated websites or non-existent social media handles, they might move on to another facility that maintains regular communication with job applicants. Job seekers should find employers’ information in search results and be able to apply to a job opening with ease.

Medical facilities should optimize their sites, keeping them updated and informative in order to engage the candidates and capture their interest. Employer branding should be visible, consistent, and present on all websites and social networks to ensure job seekers know what to expect and how to apply.

3. Commitment to Employer Branding Builds Trust

When employers invest in their presence, reputation, and brand, they show their commitment to what they do. It’s challenging to build a strong image, but it’s also an indicator of success and consistency.

Healthcare job applicants are interested in facilities that care about people and are dedicated to their mission on every level, including employer branding. 

Good employer reviews, satisfaction statistics, and respectful communication with the candidates help instill trust and encourage job seekers to consider a facility as their future workplace.